SDGXCHANGE small and medium-sized companies

How can sustainability be a driver for success?

Discover the opportunities beyond reporting and risk management

Positive impact organizations see the SDGs as an opportunity rather than just a risk

  • Market opportunities resulting from the alignment of business strategies with the SDGs
  • The SDGs provide a framework for innovation and differentiation
  • Brand reputation and consumer trust can be built by aligning with the SDGs
  • Aligning business processes with sustainable goals attracts talents.
  • Strengthen resilience to global challenges

Positive impact organizations innovate across three time horizons

  • H1: Sustainability trends inspire products & services improvements
  • H2: Emerging innovations offer new solutions within your current business model and your current customers
  • H3: New markets are explored in collaboration with new partners and result in entirely new revenue streams

Positive impact organizations collaborate with stakeholders

  • Our leading-edge approach brings you together with creative minds
  • Our half-day workshop results in hands-on ideas ready for prototyping
  • Together, we envision products and services that build on your real essence and create impact through new market opportunities

Our process works for any industry and any company size

  • SMEs like Hüssler, Polygal , Kündig, Blattmann
  • Swiss players like Swisscom, Losinger-Marazzi, ewz
  • Multinationals like IKEA, Schindler, Holcim, GeorgFischer, Bystronic

Make sustainability a driver for success

  • Meet with us to explore next steps
  • Invest 1 day of time of your key team and your internal creatives
  • Co-create at least two irresistible business opportunities