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SDGXCHANGE is ideal for:

 Consulting firms and independent consultants wishing a tool at their service

Business schools, universities and training institutions

Find out more from Katrin Muff, Co-Initiator of SDGXCHANGE

The SDGXCHANGE is a hands-on strategy tool creating outside-in business opportunities through positive contributions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

 You will: 

  1. Learn new approaches and tools
  2. Be able to add new tools to your services
  3. Be part of the SDGXCHANGE community




Certified Advisor

If you wish to acquire de competencies necessary to independently use the GRIPS process of the SDGXCHANGE, you can apply to become a certified advisor.

To become an SDGXCHANGE Advisor you can follow the three step process detailed below.  

Trusted Ambassador

If  you are interested in spreading the news in your region or country about SDGXCHANGE, you can apply to become a trusted SDGXCHANGE Ambassador. The SDGXCHANGE Advisor certification allows you to acquire the competencies necessary to independently use the GRIPS process of the SDGXCHANGE.  

To become an SDGXCHANGE Trusted Ambassador you can take two paths:

  1. Pathway A: Bring in two companies and have your trainers train you as they consult.
  2. Pathway B: Bring in one company and organize a local SDGXCHANGE Advisor training.

Pricing and Process information

Pricing information for each pathway is available in CHF, EUR and USD. 


Step 1 2 Day training – In preparation for the training, you will be asked to study the existing guide.

– Half a day explaining the assessment and the tools

– One and a half days introduction to the tools used to co-innovate solutions and to prototype new businesses

2’080 1’940 2’170
Step 2 Supervision – Find a company that will like to perform steps 1 to 3 of the SDXchange process

– Undertake steps 1 to 3 under the supervision of one of the initiators

1’800 1’660 1’880
Step 3 Certification – Submission of a report by the advisors with the findings and learnings and certification (based on the real case brought by the consultant) 1’200 1’080 1’280
Total cost of the training 5’080 4’680 5’330
Income generated with a company (facilitated version) 9’080 8’000 9’480
Less 15% royalty fee 1’362 1’200 1’422
Net income for the advisor 7’718 6’800 8’058
Net start-up capital gained as a certified advisor (income less cost of training) 2’638 2’120 2’728