Anchoring Sustainability in your company

Introduction and contact details

Dear Stakeholders,

We look forward meeting you at the upcoming stakeholder workshop where we will be identifying new business opportunities related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to identify business opportunities which generate value for the society, we would like to understand your point of view on sustainability and its implications on your company before the workshop takes place. Therefore, we would like to kindly invite you to fill in this 10-15 min survey. This allows to evaluate the answers and adjust the workshop accordingly.

Before filling in the survey, please take the time to watch the video “True Business Sustainability" (University St. Gallen) as well as the video ‘ – translating the SDGs into a tool for business’, as questions relate to the explained typology. To access the videos, please click here. and here

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
SDG XChange Team

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