How to secure the existing business without missing out on future opportunities

There is not a day the pressure of making the numbers isn’t present. Each day sometimes feels like an endless fight. Customers have growing needs and no sooner than these are met, new needs emerge. Securing the existing business seems like a relentless race against time and ever-present competitors.

In addition to taking care of the core business, a leader is on the constant look-out for the next big opportunity, either in related markets or in new geographic regions. There are new players coming up out of nowhere with solutions that may suddenly become a potential thread to the continued business. And there are developments out there that could benefit from the knowhow your business has. But these are more distant potential that instant revenue generators.

Studying pioneering companies has provided a clear insight in how they succeed. They carefully differentiate between different types of innovations for different types of time horizons.

Find out more about the three types in the article “Thinking in different innovation horizons”, published in the CEOWORLD Magazine – CEO Insides in November 2019 (click here). Author: Dr. Katrin Muff

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