Strategies of change in exponential times

A Collaborative and Dynamic Approach

that helps solve the world’s problems


The SDGXCHANGE is a hands-on strategy tool creating outside-in business opportunities
through positive contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Issues relevant to all nations and businesses

Market opportunities

USD trillion in potential business revenue and savings by 2030

What is it about?

Catch a glimpse into SDGXCHANGE and the benefit for your organization

Let’s change from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective

How to become a
certified SDGx Advisor

The GRIPS Process


The GRIPS approach differentiates itself from other tools in the SDG space by addressing not only the knowledge dimension like most other methods, but by also offering hands-on support and solutions in the activities dimensions.


Get Started


The Get Started phase assesses the change readiness and  sustainability status of your organization.


The Reframe phase clarifies the SDGs as business opportunities while shifting from inside-out to outside-in


The Ideate phase engages key players in co-creating new business opportunities


The Prototype phase developes new solutions with new clients for net positive impact


The Share phase assess prototypes for impact and shares success stories

Get started with two self-assessment surveys

ASSESS your organization’s
readiness for change

FIND OUT how your organization
classifies in the Business Sustainability Typology

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