The GRIPS Process


According to the Better Business World Report released by the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals could create trillions in market opportunities.  With SDGXCHANGE, organizations of all sizes have a strategy-tool at hand to tap into this potential. 

The strategy tool applies relevant tools and methodologies accelerating the transition to true business sustainability.  It enables companies to reflect and focus on long-term solutions creating a net-positive impact for all.





The SDGXCHANGE provides organizations with a GRIPS five step process guidance and support on how to change from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective, and how to embrace true business sustainability into the core strategies.

Each step within GRIPS is described below.

Come to GRIPS with exponential times! 


Get Started: Assessing change readiness and the sustainability status of your organizationTrue Business Sustainability: online assessmentCompeting Values Framework
Change readiness: online assessmentBusiness Sutainability Typology Dashboard


Reframe: Clarifying the SDGs as business opportunities and shifting from inside-out to outside-inInside-out: online assessmentI-We-All of us
Outside-in: Gap

Ideate: Engaging key players in co-creating new business opportunitiesCompetencies matching: group workThe Golden Match
Ideas mapping: workshopCollaboratory (World Café, Fishbowl Dialogue, Open Space)



Prototype: Developing new solutions with new clients for net positive impactShaping innovation: prototypingSPRINT, IDEO, Design Thinking Collaboratory
Scaling innovation: internal processesSustainable Business Model Canvas
Share: Assessing prototypes for impact and sharing success storiesReporting: internal assessmentFocused reporting
Showcasing: Peer-to-peer learningBusiness Sustainability Today Platform