Interested in SDGXCHANGE?


The process is ideal for: 

  • Companies of all sizes and sectors
  • Foundations as well as other organizations

For your organization, this is the opportunity to become FUTURE READY.

Sustainability applied correctly opens up a business case which anticipates changes in the market and identies new opportunities faster. The strategy tool helps to:

  • Translate the SDGs into local business relevance and prioritizing relevant sustainability issues with the Gap Frame (
  • Create reflection and prioritization based on true business sustainability
  • Co-innovate new strategic business opportunities beyond current business  activities for long-term strategic opportunities


Find out more from Katrin Muff, Co-Initiator of SDGXCHANGE


The GRIPS approach differentiates itself from other tools in the SDG space by addressing not only the knowledge dimension, but by also offering hands-on support and solutions in the activities dimensions. The GRIPS approach is the only existing SDG-related methodology that addresses and embraces the behavioural change dimension. Integrating this third dimension is critical to ensure a true transformation of any organization that seeks to embrace and embed the SDGs into its core activities and the GRIPS methodology is uniquely able to support such a journey.

How will SDGXCHANGE benefit my organization?

By implementing the GRIPS process, your organization will:


  • Identify new business opportunities and develop new business models
  • Create value for the company, the environment and society
  • Increase employee motivation and reputation
  • Be energized and commited and move towards Business Sustainability 3.0

  How long does the process take?

The SDGXCHANGE can take up to 4-9 months depending specific needs and schedules. An estimated time line for each step is presented on the right. 




How much does it cost?

Different pricing options are available depending on whether you choose the online version or the facilitated version. We are happy to send an offer upon request.