The SDGXCHANGE is a hands-on strategy tool creating outside-in business opportunities through positive contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGXCHANGE helps to:

  • Translate the SDGs into local business relevance and prioritizing relevant sustainability issues with the Gap Frame methodology
  • Creatively reflect and prioritize based on true business sustainability
  • Co-innovate new strategic business opportunities beyond current business activities for long-term strategic opportunities


The SDGXCHANGE builds on the SDGs and the True Business Sustainability typology, making use of the data from the GAPFRAME.org and relevant organizational and behavioural change, innovation and transformation approaches to generate new businesses addressing the challenges of our times.

The SDGXCHANGE equips organizations with the GRIPS process, which provides guidance and support on how to change from an inside-out to an outside-in perspective, and how to embrace true business sustainability into their core strategies.

Do you want to learn how organizations are using the tool? Take a look here at lessons learned by four leading Swiss companies: Swisscom, GeorgFischer, ewz and LosingerMarazzi.


What is the biggest challenge for companies,
 according to Dr. Katrin Muff?

What makes the SDGXCHANGE unique?

The SDGXCHANGE methodology differentiates itself through the GRIPS approach which addresses not only the knowledge dimension like most other methods, but also offers hands-on support and solutions in the activities dimensions. While there are indeed a few other emerging tools that build on knowledge and data sources which attempt to provide activity tools, the GRIPS approach is the only existing SDG-related methodology that also addresses and embraces the behavioural change dimension. Integrating this third dimension is critical to ensure a true transformation of any organization that seeks to embrace and embed the SDGs into their core activities and the GRIPS methodology is uniquely able to support such a journey. 





About us

Dr. Katrin Muff is a thought leader in the transformative space of sustainability and responsibility at Business School Lausanne, where she acted as Dean from 2008-2015 until self-organization made such a title redundant. She since leads the Thought Leadership activities in the area of conceptual design. Under her leadership, the school focused its vision on entrepreneurship, responsibility and sustainability in education and research. Her business experience includes 10 years at ALCOA (GM in Russia, Industry Analyst for Global M&A in the U.S. and Business Analyst Europe), 3 years as Director, Strategic Planning EMEA at IAMS Europe (Procter&Gamble), and 3 years as a co-founder of Yupango, a coaching consultancy dedicated to start-ups and training management teams.

Dr. Barbara Dubach has been passionate about sustainability for more than 25 years and has gained longstanding, international experience in industry, public and non-profit sectors. As an entrepreneur and initiator she enables engagement and acceleration for profit and non-profit organization with engageability – a center of excellence creating value for all stakeholders and the common good. Her business experience includes many years as Senior Vice President responsible for sustainable development coordination at LafargeHolcim (former Holcim) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in various countries in the world.