Are you interested in understanding the change readiness of your organization and comparing it with where it should be to embrace true business sustainability?

Change Readiness Assessment

The change readiness assessment is an excellent starting point to conduct a discussion about how to implement change initiatives in your organization and in the case of the SDGXchange program, about how to move towards true business sustainability.

The assessment provides answers to questions such as: Are people in the organization more focused on collaboration, controlling, competition or creativity? The results can also serve as an underlying roadmap for organizational culture transformation. It is built around the following dimensions of culture that have been identified to make a difference in organizational success:

  • Flexibility and Discretion
  • Change Agent
  • External Focus and Differentiation
  • Market Focus
  • Stability and Control
  • Status Quo
  • Internal Focus and Integration
  • Clan

The well-known Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) allows mapping individual perspectives of where an organization is and where an individual would hope an organization was. Using insights from a few key players inside the organization allows a quick assessment of the current state of an organization.

This adjacent diagram shows how such an assessment may look like, for example for Switzerland.  These results show how 196 participants perceive the current and the desired culture of the country.

The change readiness provides an excellent starting point for a discussion about how to go about change initiatives and in our case about how to advance towards true business sustainability.  It answers questions such as: Are people more focused on collaboration, controlling, competition, or creativity? And it can serve as an underlying roadmap for transformation.